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This year, ULC MUN MODERN UNITED NATIONS CONFERENCE II has seemed more than 92 delegates, 46 delegations. Firstly, It is our great pleasure and honor to be with all delegates during the two-day conference, talking about the worldwide Energy Crisis. Secondly, our warm thanks went to our ULC MUN CLUB members who have prepared for this conference for three months. Thirdly, for those who actively participated in this conference, we really appreciate it. We were impressed by how good you are. The fluency of your speeches was a surprise for us.We were eager to see more of you being part of our big MUN family. We approve your effort.  
                                                           --From Bella, ULC MUN Chairman
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Here are some comments and thoughts from some of our delegates:

Frank Sun 10B
Delegate of Germany
As one delegate of Germany, I am enjoyable in the MUN conference indeed. My feelings and thoughts about this conference are quite miscellaneous.
By taking part in the Model United Nations, my comprehensive capability is well improved. For example, the researching skills to find useful and reliable sources are enhanced by looking for different information online. Due to the experience of writing the position paper, my English writing skills become much better than before. My communication ability is improved a lot by negotiating with other delegates in unmoderated caucuses too. I also become more and more proficient in public speaking, which is caused by lots of opportunities to give speeches on the stage in the assembly. I am much more confident and courageous to show my own opinions and ideas to others in the public. In addition, as the prize-man of the award of Best Teamwork, my partner, who is named as Dylan Huang, and I cooperated to accomplish tasks diligently and industriously before and during the entire process of the Energy Crisis Conference, and our friendship has been developed. I have met numerous excellent people in the MUN, and it is my pleasure to collaborate with them.
It is the fact that his meeting enriches my experience, and I have gained a lot by participating in this conference. I am very glad to spend my time on this meaningful and significant activity at school. I will remember this important event in my heart, which will be memorized forever in my brain.
Jane G9c
Delegate of Nepal
I am Jane from G9C and I am Nepals delegate. In the beginning when I register for MUN, I just have a little bit nervous, but the point is, this tension cannot made me to prepare for this meeting, and in a few weeks before the meeting, I did not find anything about this meeting, but I still did not worry about that, until a few days before the meeting, I began to search for relevant information and writing position papers, and began to worry, so the result is no information collected, and position papers also did not write, I feel that  is so bad, it is really a big mistake for me, and I will correct it.
And a few hours before the meeting, I also write the speech in the first round, this is really a terrible thing, and I told my partner in the course of the discussion, because we are very anxious so that we have a lot of differences ideas and quarrel, but my partner helped me a lot, so in here, I really thank my partner-Wendy.
In the course of the meeting, each delegate and chairs are very friendly, when have the Unmoderated Caucus, some delegates discussed with us, Wendy and I began to integrate into the meeting, and start to representatives of other countries, and also began to share our ideas and solutions.
In general, I learned a lot of knowledge in there but also knows that we need to broaden our horizons and pay attention to the international news, because it may affect our life at any time. The meeting was very good, although the final draft resolutions were failed, everyone to actively participate with a serious attitude in the meeting, so, that is the perfect ending to this meeting!

Delegate of Switzerland
Section 1的时候,都是由学长学姐还有参加过模联的同学推进的,有些国家代表的准备非常充分,演讲都不用看资料,已经把自己国家的情况与问题转化为自己的知识来发言,发言的内容就像是优秀论文一样标准,还有些国家代表不论是从气场上还有言语里都可以透出他们所代表国家的风范。在Moderated Cancus里,大国专注于辩论主题明确自己国家的立场,同时其他国家会大致知道他们国家应该与哪些国家进一步的交换意见找出解决方案,到了Unmoderated Concus,大国通常会被小国家包围着一起讨论与能源有关的话题,我们渐渐地知道了模联的规则还有进程,当有些国家得出了解决方案就会到处游说,说服其他国家加入他们的BlockSection 1结束后就开始写Working Paper,在微信群里继续交流。
Section 2 Section 3的时候,大部分人都了解模联的程序了,每个国家都越来越积极地去参与到其中,更主动的去找其他国家谈谈,大部分国家都被分到不同的Block里面,有些国家还是会纠结该加入哪个Block,就会去比较不同Block的解决方案哪个会对自己国家更加有利。我也很佩服小国的国家代表会自己去成立Block写解决方案。
Section 4 就是确定解决方案还有投票通过了,三个Block的解决方案都很详细,不同Block派出国家代表来展示他们Block的解决方案,投票通过解决方案的时候,每个国家都有不同的态度与看法并做出自己国家的抉择。

Delegate of Sudan
小国联盟 我可以组建一个没有大国的组织,从人数上获得优势。然后花了一个晚上去完成完成这个方案。
第二天,第二轮开始了。我们尽快的拉拢其他国家达到一定的复议国数量,然后开始和肯尼亚代表合作写working paper。我们的working paper 写的十分艰辛,我们只有30分钟去完成它。
第三轮开始,我们要去演讲我们的working paper 让其他国家支持我们,怼人很厉害的朝鲜要要在讨论我们的working paper 的时候演讲,我的内心十分慌张。忽然第一句我支持苏丹心中的大石放下了。怎么说,working paper 做的挺成功的。(超级长的paper
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Looking back at the past few days, we must say that we take great pride in what has been achieved. We strongly believe that this activity develops your ability in doing research, writing, addressing, discussion and enhances the communicative ability, which definitely brings positive influence in your future education. Last but not least, we are looking forward to having more delegatesattendance next year!!!

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